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This source is a primary source. Interviews are appropriate as they provide the current beliefs of the parents of the children being treated in the clinic.

Communicating the change and the rationale to the parents of the children affected by the practice will gain their support and understanding providing compliancy with follow-up evaluation.

It is required that information is presented in a language that is understandable to them. This source is inappropriate for this nursing practice. This includes education of the entire staff and cliental. Discuss whether each source of evidence is appropriate for this nursing practice situation.

This source is a primary. This article includes results the AHRQ evidence-report, the Dutch College of General Practitioners guidelines, and a randomized trial in the United Kingdom as part of the evidence in making the recommending.

This source is an evidenced based guideline. Appropriateness of Sources of Evidence A3. Autonomy recognizes the participant is capable of giving informed consent. Any questions that are asked by them must be answered in a manner that they understand.

Types of Sources of Evidence A2. A team to implement the change should be created, a team leader should be appointed to help educate and gain acceptance of the evidenced-based guideline.

Interviews Interviews are general information. The recommendation was based on placebo controlled trails that spanned 30 years.

This study is data therefore a more current source may be of value to support of dispute the recommendations and opinions of this guideline. Gaines, Posted by. The physicians must agree to the change. Included in this study are children up to age I hope my notes and resources help other students on their journey.

Classification of Sources of Evidence In text citation Classify the type of each source of evidence as either a general information resource, a filtered resource, or an unfiltered resource. A pilot group should be formed to implement the new guidelines; this will allow for adjustments or added education to be put into place.

It is peer reviewed and received formal approval by partnering organizations. Confidentiality must be guaranteed, they have the right to refuse or withdraw from the study at anytime. Justice provides compensation for the participation in the study in the event they were in a group that did not receive the best treatment or in the event that their condition worsened as a result of the study.

Rolling out new treatment recommendations in increments will make it easier for the staff and clients to adjust and accept the change; it will also provide the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments.

Under no circumstances may they be harmed or exploited. It is datedthe research is not current however the results support the trend of the resistance to antibiotics in causative organisms. This is an appropriate source for the practice as it provides the background information to explain the practice guideline.

The observation option applies to the children greater than age 2, without other chronic illnesses or anatomic abnormalities.

It is research conducted by the clinic staff. This is an appropriate source for the practice as it provides research data and information to explain the potential evidence practice guideline.

This article gives the evidence-based statement that allowing hours before prescribing antibiotics is an option to be considered by clinicians. This source is appropriate for this nursing practice situation.

Issues Vulnerable populations include various ethnic groups, the elderly, prisoners, handicapped individuals, mentally ill or handicapped, prisoners, women, poverty stricken and children.Wgu Lit1 Task2 Western Governers University LIT1: Task - 02 11 13 Situation A: The Family Medical Leave act of states that any employee who has been with the company for 12 months qualifies for job and salary protection as long as the company has at least 50 employees in a mile radius.

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Essay Wgu Rtt1 Task2 RTT1 Task 2 Never events are serious medical errors that are often preventable. When such events transpire, it is necessary to fully assess the situation so that these errors can be prevented in the future.

Wgu Ethical Leadership C Vot2 Task 1 Essay Words | 9 Pages Ethical Lens and Dilemmas Ethical Leadership C April 4th, Ethical Lens and Dilemmas Ethics is the guiding force in any respectable organization. Wgu Kot1 Task2 Essay Task 2 SUBDOMAIN - ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS & QUALITY LEADERSHIP.

Competency Healthcare Utilization and Finance A1-Which costs will be covered by Medicare Part A? Wgu Kot1 Task2 Essay Task 2 SUBDOMAIN - ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS & QUALITY LEADERSHIP.

Competency Healthcare Utilization and Finance A1-Which costs will be covered by Medicare Part A?

Wgu kot1 task2
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