Street smarts vs book smarts essay writer

Most important perhaps, being street smart comes from experience. In the university, there is no which idea is correct and which idea is wrong. I have been an independent studies student for most of my high school education, and have loved every minute of it. As the video shows, Nate has a plan for just about every single thing that can go wrong in an operation.

What was your answer? I respect what Graff, and X have to say and agree with them, both book and street smarts are very important. Polarizing questions are silly since rarely in life do you have to have truly binary choices. Someone, usually a teacher or instructor of some kind, will disseminate information through oral or written methods, and you will learn.

Here are some tips: Under my point of view, books nowadays we could say internet, too are invaluable to acquire knowledge and to know everything about our world. The prime distinction between street smarts and book smarts is who is at the center of the knowledge.

Both Malcolm X, and Gerald Graff make very interesting points about street and book smarts. Not just your textbooks, but read for pleasure.

Well, he or she certainly can, but that is completely subjective. Both is often an option. Students would start out on a better foot and acquire a substantial amount of motivation first by reading and analyzing subjects that inspire them rather than some boring subjects like Shakespeare or Orwell Graff.

Through analytical learning, you are taught that by a teacher, as well as the logic involved with coming up with that conclusion. X grew up as a smart child, however when he was in eight grade he dropped out of school.

If someone cannot go to some good college, their parents will push them to study abroad. Furthermore, I am more interested in some romance novels or some cosmetics and fashion magazines than some English or some History books.

Your neighbor bought an expensive car.

Book smarts vs. Street smarts

Which source is more important? Years later he began committing petty crimes and began coordinating various narcotic, prostitution and gambling rings.

We have thoughts and we choose which class we might be interest in. I consider myself lucky to have had the experiences that I did, and be able to learn from experience. Sometimes may be the traditional book learning can really teach children things.

Graff uses his own experiences as a child to back up his reasoning. We were all taught what a car is through analytical learning. They are organized, prepared, and will always have back-up plans for everything they do in case something goes wrong. There is much to experience by leaving your comfort zone and making new friends and connections.

Only your own experience, packed with successes and failures is able to does it. As you can see, intelligence is divided up into two areas: Like Graff, Malcolm X has similar experiences regarding book and street smarts. This little quiz is fun and gives you an idea of which way you skew.

But how much is a lot? Also, I am good at cooking and skillful at a lot of housework. Once again, let me use a Leverage clip seriously, they should be paying me for thisto showcase a person adapting to their environment when faced with a sudden crisis.

Street Smart Versus Book Smart

For instance, if my teacher analyze the grammar from the article that talk about how to protect skin, I will pay more attention on what my teacher is saying, and I think I will remember more deeply than before.

Is the usual question about theory versus practice. In this day and age where our culture values sports and entertainment, Graff believed that knowledge would hold us back from a social life, yet he still argues the fact that sports is a much better topic to be interested in more so then anything else.

Tacit knowledge involves finding a learning method that works best for you.We will write a custom essay sample on Book Smarts vs Street Smarts specifically for you for only $ $/page. Malcolm X has similar experiences regarding book and street smarts.

X grew up as a smart child, however when he was in eight grade he dropped out of school. Essential ingredients for writing book or moview reviews ; Book. Mar 01,  · Writing; Street Smarts Versus Book Smarts Essay; Street Smarts Versus Book Smarts Essay. to be labeled "book smart" or "street smart"?

What about in the world of academics? Should students be supported by schools and teachers to allow street smarts to be used in an academic environment?

While some schools. Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts in Academia Essay - Our society has always had an obsession with labels whether in the form of fashion, our description of personal relationships, or the way we see ourselves as individuals.

There is no doubt in my mind street smarts kicks book smarts ass. To be street smart means you have situational awareness. You can assess the environment you are in, who is in it, and what the available angles are.

Responses to “Book smarts vs. Street smarts “The ideas contained in the essays are persuasive and it’s a fun. Street Smarts over Book Smarts Gerald Graff is a Professor of English and Education in the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In Graff’s essay, “Hidden Intellectualism”, Graff compares street smarts to book smarts. Book Smart vs. Street Smart In the article, “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff discusses the topic of book smart versus street smart.

Being street smart means having interest in other activities more than in school work, while being book smart is the complete opposite of that.

Street smarts vs book smarts essay writer
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