Real property finders and rewards

Herein lies the problem. The founder responded to the ad stating that he was in possession on the lost pocketbook. This definition may sound familiar to another strategy good eye! The finder would not return the watch as he now had a lien on the property.

Conclusion There is no way to enter into real estate and make money without spending money. The court found that the finder was entitled to keep the lost property until the reward was given. I thought this strategy said no money needed?!?!?

Real Property Treatises

Alan is entitled to the reward for the return of the pocketbook to Bart. The owner refused to honor the reward so the father of the finder refused to return the watch. In MacFarlane, the court ruled that the finder of lost property has a lien against the property if a reward is offered. The owner promised a reward for the return of his watch and when the finder presented the property for payment of the reward the owner refused.

He was told that he needed to return the pocketbook or he would be arrested for larceny. The reward was for the return of the lost property and not for the actual finding of the object. The owner of a watch placed an ad in the newspaper for the return of his lost watch.

It provides citations to recent case law as well as additional secondary sources that offer more comprehensive treatments of particular issues and topics. It makes no difference in eyes of the law if the property was found first or if the reward was advertised first.

In this case as well as our case there was a reward offered and the finder is entitled to receive it as long as they return the lost property. A real estate investing term that refers to someone who spends their time trying to locate properties with substantial investment potential.

Sometimes, however, the term is also used to refer to people who find underpriced properties that would make good income rental properties.

Understanding Property Law by John G. Topics include possession and ownership; common law estates; concurrent ownership; landlord and tenant, easements, profits, and licenses; covenants and equitable servitudes; real estate brokers; contracts of sale; transfer of title by deeds; the recording system; title insurance; mortgages; airspace; water; support; boundaries; fixtures; trespass; nuisance; and land use regulation.

The owner refused to honor the reward so the father of the finder refused to return the watch. The law does not care if the reward was offered before or after the lost property was found, but the reward is a promise for compensation for the return of the item.

No matter where they are from, they all have produced the SAME exact result. Arranged in chapters, by topic, this book also features annotations in the margins to easily locate desired information. The finder made a concerted effort to locate the owner by taking out an ad n the local newspaper in the lost and found section of the classified section.

Real Property Finders and Rewards

He was told that he needed to return the pocketbook or he would be arrested for larceny. The term itself is a reference to hunting dogs that would point to the location of birds and then retrieve them once the hunter had shot them.

The reason I am calling the concept of being a bird dog a scam is because it is one of the favorite sales pitches of those real estate gurus.

I will do this in sections, and then wrap things up showing just how sly these gurus can be. Once the owner offers a reward they are obligated to pay the finder for the lost property.

The father contacted the owner to arrange the exchange of the watch for the reward.We are real estate investors that need help finding more properties. Our team is always growing and we would love to have you join!

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PROPERTY OUTLINE Be concerned with facts, holding, and policy. Note, applies to both personal property and real property. Reasons: 1.

Prior possession protects an owner who has no sign of ownership. Possession is not the same as ownership.

Why the Concept of Being a Real Estate Bird Dog is a Scam…

Protecting a finder who reports the find rewards. Real Property Eassay 5 - FREEHOLD COVENANTS Introduction A covenant is a promise made in a deed. In respect of land covenants may be either positive (a promise by one party to the other to do something) or negative/restrictive (a promise by one party to another not to do something).

Real property finders and rewards
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