Past chemistry extended essays

Consider writing about nanotechnology and how we can combat various illnesses before they become worse. Do you like Math because you like to problem solve? Comparing Japanese and Chinese junior high school history textbooks Investigating into the interaction between the current and repulsive force Motivations of the conspirators in the bomb plot to assassinate Hitler in The relationship between types of soil and grape vines: Title The caffeine content of a cup of tea Research question Does the time it Past chemistry extended essays to brew a cup of tea using a specific commercial brand of tea leaves significantly alter the amount of caffeine that is dissolved in the drink?

Polarimetry to investigate concentrations of sugars. Also consider organic chemistry, your paper can incorporate how stress can cause problems with different systems like your autoimmune system.

Work on incorporating their feedback into your essay. Sample short essays on G. Example essay titles The following examples of titles for chemistry extended essays are intended as guidance only. Approximations in models should be accounted for and all assumptions examined thoroughly.

IB Extended Essay

Flame photometry to determine concentrations of aqueous ions. Remember that thousands of students have done this before you and thousands will do it after you.

Yield and quality of their wine Get Inspired by Successful IB Extended Essay Examples These are only a few of a plethora of previously used topics available on the web. Keep it broad enough. I have been working with some tutees to improve their approach to the AQA Paper 3 Extended Essay - so here are a few tips, and all of the essay titles and markschemes since The essay must not exceed 4, words of narrative.

Summer between Junior and Senior Year: Once you have figured out a general subject area such as Physics, you should brainstorm more specific topics by putting pen to paper. Moreover, it may help if the student further defines and refines the topic chosen for study in the form of a research question or statement.

Not all schools do. Submit second draft of EE to your advisor if necessary and receive their feedback. Draw lines between the topic and subtopics. Relevant chemical formulas including structural formulasbalanced equations including state symbols and mechanisms should be included. Also, consider different types of scents and smells that affect how we feel.

The comparative study of the political and medical theories that explain the Salem Witch trials.


Physics Using the astronomical observation of stars to determine the existence and mass of a black hole in the Milky Way.I'm a recipient of an IB Diploma, and I happened to receive an A on my IB Extended Essay. If you don’t believe me, the proof is in the IBO pudding, If you're confused by what this report means, EE is short for Extended Essay, and English A1 is the subject that my Extended Essay topic coordinated with.

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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) online curriculum centre (OCC), a key resource for educators at IB World Schools, includes several examples of extended essay titles. These highlight the diverse range of topics covered by International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) students during their extended essays.

IB Chemistry/Extended Essay. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Chemistry. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Contents. 1 Suggestions. Researching the chemistry of detergents, Assessing the numbers of drops Thiosulphate/acid reaction (‘disappearing cross’).

IB Chemistry/Extended Essay

AQA Paper 3 Extended Essay: Tips, Mark-schemes and Past Essay Titles February 22, Tom Whitburn I have been working with some tutees to improve their approach to the AQA Paper 3 Extended Essay - so here are a few tips, and all of the essay titles (and markschemes) since Below are Extended Essay Exemplars in some of the most common subjects submitted to IB.

They include the IB examiner's comments on each part of the rubric. Note that all of the Extended Essays that have been uploaded have been graded as A papers by IB.

Past chemistry extended essays
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