My most memorable holiday

And so we did! For me, they were all winners! As famous is the Eiffel Tour as it is the fine drizzle that characterised the city. We all were excited because we never had been in Paris before.

Chemmy Alcott: My most memorable holiday was my honeymoon to Tanzania

So the trip first started in Switzerlandit was a cold summer and weather are not to friendly. So the third day in Switzerland was much interestingwe rent a car and decided to go to a chocolate factoryand buy some chocolatethe best things was we got to taste different kinds of chocolate.

In spite of the rain, we could visit the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles and its amazing and colorful gardens, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tour and many other places. The idea was to stay in the capital city 7 days, then travel all the way down to Urdos, a small village in the south of France where my mother had spent her childhood and so my auntie, who has got a house there.

My most memorable holidays

Once in Paris we booked a bungalow in the neighborhood of Versailles. The place was amazing the attractions were all movies in 3D.

We rode for two days, stopping one night to rest in Bordeaux. So the next day at Swiss I went to the fish marketand we bought some fishand we decided to visit my aunt friends and we had barbeque for lunch. As the park really is big, we stayed there for two days sleeping in tents.

So, we stopped and visit a few of them. They are absolutely well conserved and it is a must see of France. After staying there for three dayswe headed to Rome to visit the Sistine Chapeland Colosseumthere we only stayed for two daysand quickly headed to Veniceit was very unique thereex: After a very long daywe finally went back to our hotel roomand took a rest.

Some of them are available to the public to visit, others are private. Almost over was our trip, when we received a call, it was my cousin, she was at home in Bordeaux and wanted us to pay her a visit. We later found out that is was because there is a competition between villages to see which one has the most amazing, big and full of color flowers.From the Guardian Review, in which writers recall their most memorable holiday reads.

Here's Will Self's: "When I was 18 I took a bus to Lisbon – you used. My most memorable holiday was when I was in second grade, its when I got to travel to Europe with my aunt and my mom, we travel different places, and learn different cultures, it was a fun experience and a memorable one.

So the trip first started in Switzerland. My Most Memorable Family Holiday Whether it be when you were a child or as an adult. what is your most memorable family holiday (warm fuzzy. So far, my most memorable (and most recent) holiday is the senior trip my school organised for us back in July to Berlin for 3 days, and Prague for a day.

Feb 17,  · WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE HOLIDAY? My honeymoon. I’ve been quite indulgent with travel in my life but the one thing I saved was a safari, because I really wanted to do something special with Author: Nancy Brown.

May 20,  · My most memorable holidays started on the father's day. My mother and brothers gave to my father as a present a trip to Paris. We all were excited because we never had been in Paris before.

My most memorable holiday

The idea was to stay in the capital city 7 days, then travel all .

My most memorable holiday
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