How to write a photography blog

I backlit the paper, and loved how the light made seemed to make things a bit Escher-esque?! Here she is in all her psychotic glory.

I personally opted to fix the print directly to the back of the mat using standard Mounting Artist Tape. Also, check with your local County office if you need to pay sales taxes. Our guide to creating audience personas outlines the questions you need to ask yourself to determine who your customers are.

The title of the photo The name of the maker that would be you The year the image was made Some contact information optional There are many different ways of making those signs.

Planning Planning for even a simple photo exhibit takes time. Entire planets are being moved and there are more asteroids than ever to keep track of.

Here are some technical considerations when selecting the location based on my experience: What a tremendous experience it was driving through Glenwood Canyon along the the highway! But do factor it in when planning your timeline. This is especially important for videographers who need to think about recording sound.

Cameras and Photography Explained

Focusing — I find that in macro photography it is helpful to have full control over focusing — especially when you have shallow depth of fields where it is all the more important to make sure the right part of your shot is in focus.

Announcement Postcard Here is an announcement postcard I designed and printed. And so do I. So I am going to put some ideas together — a plan — and a maybe a Kickstarter-like project to get this sort of thing underway.

Silence is not good for the nerves!

Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Will my audience understand this reference? The Chromebook fills the niche quite well. You might also try jotting down a few adjectives that describe your business and use those to find the right tone.

Here is the reference for the frame I used: This is a high end, expensive but very nice coating equivalent to the one used on your lense There too, I went for a standard Plexiglass.Welcome to the Horn Photography and Design Blog.

Planning a photography exhibit

We are an Atlanta Wedding Photography and Videography husband and wife team. It is here that we will share our most recent weddings, shoots, tips and tricks for engage couples and even behind the scenes business tips & tricks.

Atlanta Wedding Photography. Much has been written on the topic of Macro photography for those photographers fortunate enough to own a DSLR with macro lenses – but what about if you own a compact point and shoot camera? Can you get great macro shots too?

While the results achievable with a. Northern Ireland wedding photographer, Lauren Rutherford, is based in Comber, Co Down, but regularly photographs weddings right across Northern Ireland, Ireland and mainland Britain. She specialises in beautiful, natural and timeless wedding photography, newborn photography and family photography.

List choice Friends. Email Address.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: Tips, Ideas, and Tools

First Name. I know some of you have signed up for posts from the blog, but I'm killing that and doing the tried and true Newsletter. Real news, curated by real humans. Packed with the trends, news & links you need to be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve. New York City photography and writing by Vivienne Gucwa featuring the landscapes, architecture and neighborhoods of New York City.

How to write a photography blog
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