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Thetis, the mother of Achilles is the only deity seen in the movie. It s a movie made to entertain the audience, not to tell the story of the events that happened in Iliad.

Some for power, some for glory, some for honor—and some for love. Brad Pitt is fit for the role of the brave Achilles but he could have shown more facial expressions to show his emotions. For one thing, the majority of the characters are Greek gods and goddesses.

It was Zeus in disguise. Well, to be honest, you really cannot see any good portion of character development. This gives the Greeks just the excuse they need for much-desired war.

The Greeks are unsuccessful in their intents, until they listen to the cunning Ulysses. The city of Troy looked exactly as one would imagine it to be — a grand city protected by impenetrable walls. Thousands will fall in pursuit of glory. The Greeks are plotting to invade Troy to steal the treasures of the Trojans.

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Helen is the daughter of Zeus and LedaZeus came to Leda and mated with her disguised as a swan and Helen was born from a reaction about helen of troy This culture of this story is extremely different than the culture of today.

And for love, a nation will burn to the ground. This major discrepancy itself takes the film away from being a true adaptation of Iliad. Ted Kurdyla Written By: Love is only word and symbol but love has meaning that people cannot understand.

Troy is based loosely on the story of one of the greatest wars ever told.

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This movie helps the readers to understand how the Trojan war started and how Troy has fallen. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Diane Kruger is exquisite but hardly the one I would consider the most beautiful.

Being Helen of Troy, or being beautiful? This is one of the realities in life that we must accept.

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Helen of Troy Directed By: Rudely received by the royal Greeks, he must flee…but fate and their mutual passions lead him to take Helen along. Arrogant, rebellious and seemingly invincible, Achilles has no allegiance to anyone or anything, save his own glory. It was not hyped up to be a loyal big screen adaptation of the Trojan War but an entertaining movie with a famous background story.

One day Leda was bathing in a nearby lake when a beautiful swan swam up next to her. One of them that stands out is the absence of gods in the film.

One man alone stands as the key to victory or defeat over Troy—Achilles, believed to be the greatest warrior alive.Reflection and Reaction for Count of Monte Cristo and Helen of Troy REFLECTION AND REACTION FOR COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO AND HELEN OF TROY PRESENTED TO: PROF.

MILDRED MASONG PRESENTED BY: KATHYLEEN P. SALIPADA Helen of Troy reflection What is meant to be, will always find its way. HOME Free Essays Reaction Paper About the Movie Helen of Troy. Reaction Paper About the Movie Helen of Troy Essay. A. Pages: We will write a custom essay sample on Reaction Paper About the Movie Helen of Troy specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Reflection and Reaction for Count of Monte Cristo and Helen of Troy. Reaction Paper for Helen of Troy Helen Paris Priam Achilles Menelaus Hecuba Agamemnon Ulysses Hector Cassandra Aeneas Andraste Andros Diomedes Ajax Polydorus Cora Patroclus Andromache Nestor Alpheus The movie Helen of Troy shows the important details before and inside the book Iliad.

This movie helps the readers to /5(3). bestow upon him Helen, the most beautiful woman, for wife.” The climax is in which Sparta fools its opponents and finds a way to get past the walls of Troy, is arresting and primal in a way that the other fighting sequences miss the boat on.5/5(6).

Warned by Helen, Paris flees and, after they are both nearly caught by the Spartans, takes Helen with him to Troy. Under the pretense of helping Menelaus regain his honor, the Greeks unite, and the siege of Troy begins.

Reaction Paper About the Movie Helen of Troy – College Essays mi-centre.com › Home › History‎ Reaction Paper About the Movie Helen of Troy She also tells him that if he does not go to Troy, he will live a long, happy life and have children, but after he .

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