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Many opportunities for adaptation make sense whether or not the effects of climate change are realized. Biology offers us a solution. Optimal choices and risk aversion[ edit ] See also: Schematic representation of glacio-epochs during Global warming essay encyclopedia past million years in Earth history, and their relationship to phases of supercontinent assembly and break up.

He also says that just as weather simulation programs have improved markedly over time, climate models are also being improved and perfected. The Holocene, 24, 12, — Notice how the consequences of your adjustments are reflected immediately in the following paragraph.

Although ice shelves have collapsed and broken up at different times during the Holocene, this is the first time in the Holocene when a synchronous retreat in ice shelves from the Arctic and both sides of the Antarctic Peninsula Global warming essay encyclopedia known to have occurred Hodgson, ; figure In common language equity means "the quality of being impartial" or "something that is fair and just.

By contrast, monetized CBA converts all impacts into a common unit moneywhich is used to assess changes in social welfare. It is based on the spectral absorption and radiation properties of certain gases, of which water vapor is by far the most abundant, and CO2 is a distant second.

Now they have to cross factories, farms, freeways, and urban settlements. New research into solar variability mechanisms see: This option may be lost if near-term emissions abatement is less stringent. To put it differently, stringent near-term emissions abatement can be seen as having an option value in allowing for lower, long-term stabilization targets.

This work compares estimates of river flood risk in Europe from three recent case studies, assuming global warming scenarios of 1. Global glacier retreat is probably the only climate-associated phenomenon that shows a clear acceleration over the past decades.


In Marchthe IPCC concluded that most of the warming during the past fifty years has been caused by human activities. Many countries such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and India have large populations. Does the policy support other national state, community, or private goals?

Lack of support for the CO2 hypothesis from Antarctic ice cores figureand from results has forced the proponents of the hypothesis to make numerous new unsupported assumptions. In a decision analysis based on monetized cost—benefit analysis CBAthe optimal policy is evaluated in economic terms.

Who would use it? They claim that attempting to lower greenhouse emissions may do more damage to the world economy and human society than any amount of global warming. Drag green numbers to adjust them. Economistsusing cost-benefit analysishave attempted to calculate an "optimal" balance of the costs and benefits between climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation.

The ocean flips from absorbing energy to releasing it, and convection takes the energy very high in the troposphere, cooling the ocean Sud et al. However, two dangers should be avoided when dealing with the global temperature anomaly.Given the same amount of absorbed solar energy coming in, the amount of IR escaping to space at the top of the atmosphere will indeed be the same no matter how many greenhouse gases there are (assuming the system is in equilibrium).

Managing the water-energy-nutrient nexus for the built environment requires, in part, a full system analysis of energy consumption, global warming and eutrophication potentials of municipal water services.

As an example, we evaluated the life cycle energy use. The economics of global warming concerns the economic aspects of global warming; this can inform policies that governments might consider in response.

A number of factors make this a difficult problem from both economic and political perspectives: it is a long-term, intergenerational problem; benefits and costs are distributed unequally both within and across countries; and scientific and.

Multi-Model Projections of River Flood Risk in Europe under Global Warming

One of the main points of contention among scientists is what will happen to the planet as a result of global warming. Some believe that the earth will actually benefit if the climate continues to grow warmer.

Climate change adaptation is a response to global warming (also known as "climate change" or "anthropogenic climate change"), that seeks to reduce the vulnerability of social and biological systems to relatively sudden change and thus offset the effects of global warming. Even if emissions are stabilized relatively soon, global warming and its effects should last many years, and adaptation.

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