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The present study provides a new analysis of contact-induced changes in Syriac due to Greek, from the earliest attestations of Syriac at the turn of the Common Era up until the beginning of the eighth century when the socio-linguistic situation changed due to the Arab conquests.

Aphrahat, Syriac, Christology

The Acts are one of the five great apocryphal acts of the apostles. The Acts are part of the Thomas Tradition. No evidence survives for the reception of these teachings among ordinary audiences.

The Syriac Acts of Thomas: A computerized grammatical concordance of Acts 1 and 2

Preachers and others edited these homilies as texts for circulation. Homilies are tantalizing sources for scholars who wish to reconstruct the experiences of Christians from diverse levels of society. From to he was an Assistant in Dissertations syriac Department of Manuscripts at the British Museum, and from to Assistant Keeper at the museum.

His correspondence with a monastery outside the city of Antioch shows his direct involvement in a debate over the Henotikon—including the miracles and sufferings of Christ—at the beginning of the s. This homily also contains the pairing of miracles and sufferings but it permits the identification of no obvious liturgical context.

The primary goal of this project, then, is to produce an edition of the Syriac Ps. Yet most have resisted efforts to identify their dates, locations, and liturgical settings. For best results, right-click and select "save as The material in it comes from various sources, but much of it from the Chronicum Ecclesiasticum of Bar Hebraeusof which no English translation exists.

Sermons demand a rich methodology to peel back these layers and reveal the connection between what was preached and what has been transmitted. Adaptation, in contrast, refers to instances in which speakers of Syriac replicated inherited Aramaic material on the pattern of Greek.


None of these areas of research can be fully undertaken without a concordance to the Syriac Acts of Thomas. It is based on the premise that these two fields can, and should, exist in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

This edict, which became known as the Henotikon, draws on the language of the miracles and sufferings of Christ as representative of the divinity and humanity of Christ.

A great number of manuscripts dating to the sixth and seventh centuries preserve homilies, which is unparalleled in the Greek and Latin traditions.

We need to understand the extensive editorial process of homilies before we can use them as sources for social history. Developing a Methodology for Interpreting Homilies My dissertation advances an approach for historically situating homilies without contextual information based on a case study of an individual author.

The sermons of John Chrysostom and Augustine of Hippo contain a wealth of information about the places and contexts in which they preached.

Jacob of Serugh attempted to communicate the content of this debate to wider audiences. More specifically, the study argues that Syriac is the outcome of a particular socio-linguistic situation in which inherited Aramaic material was augmented and adapted through contact with Greek.

Chaldee, Syriac, Aethiopic and Arabic. Scholars have little hope of finding the context of any one of these pseudonymous homilies.Peterson, Sigrid, "Martha Shamoni: A Jewish Syriac rhymed liturgical poem about the Maccabean martyrdoms (Sixth Maccabees)" ().

Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI Syriac homilies from late antiquity provoke an exploration of the possibility of using sermons without a defined context as historical texts.

Around seven hundred homilies authored in Syriac survive from the fourth through sixth centuries. Yet most have resisted efforts to identify their dates, locations, and liturgical settings. Sep 30,  · 30 September Lebanon: On the Feast of the Holy Cross (September 14th, ), and the thirty third anniversary of the Apostolic Enthronement of His Holiness Moran Mar Ignatius Zakka I Iwas Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Supreme Head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church, Dr.

Ephrem (Aboud Hanna Ishac) presented a. View Aphrahat, Syriac, Christology Research Papers on mi-centre.com for free. The primary goal of this project, then, is to produce an edition of the Syriac Ps.-Ezra with a critical apparatus noting variants in the manuscript tradition.

The edition is accompanied by an English translation in order to make Ps.-Ezra accessible to a wider range of scholars and students. We show that a carefully crafted probabilistic morphological analyzer significantly outperforms a reasonable, naive baseline for Syriac.

Syriac is an under-resourced Semitic language for which there are no available language tools such as morphological analyzers.

Dissertations syriac
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