Boxing as a sport should be

However, MMA does allow for other means of victory, such as through pinning the other fighter.

Boxing as a Sport Should Be Banned Essay Sample

Whilst what has occurred to Paul Ingle is tragic, he knew in full the risks involved. Without them, the experts reckon, Schumacher would not have survived his crash in The aim of boxing is to hurt the other man, and above all to knock him out. Phil ap Lorwerth, Wales I agree that something needs to be done to improve the overall image and safety of boxing, but banning it is totally the wrong route.

As long as this will be, boxing will find support.

Arguments For and Against Banning Boxing

Boxing as a sport should be Boxing Should Be Banned Yes because What would have happened to Paul Ingle if the medical support had not been there when this incident took place? We also defend against thoughts about the true risks involved for all participants, possibly because our psychological or social needs met by the sport outweigh the loss of one combatant.

Without the TV coverage the sponsorship, and therefore the big money and the incentive to box, would disappear. Tony Rowe, Australia "A ban would drive it underground, with no saftety standards.

The Debate Boxing is a long-standing, popular, and well-respected sport, with many of the greatest sportsmen of all time originating from the ring. But should it be banned? There is no general intent in boxing to injure the opponent. A ban, quite simply, would mean fewer people dead, injured or permanently brain damaged.

Whilst an upgrade in impact reduction on the mats would require boxers to adjust, it could ultimately reduce the risk associated with the knockout fall. If it is banned then a culture will be destroyed. Perhaps the introduction of head protection may be a compromise, as in amateur boxing.

When this occurs boxing will die out. It is violent, as are many sports; the real concern is the physiological implications of the injuries that can be inflicted during boxing. Mike, Wales A would drive it underground and there would be a dramatic increase in unlicensed boxing events.

My conclusion is that it would be a good idea to ban boxing as a sport because of the basic idea behind boxing.

Banning this sport could force it underground and there are no rules or governing bodies to protect bare-knuckle boxers. Those who support it are in my opinion living in the past.

But boxers know the risks and agree to participate in spite of them, for various reasons.Whilst the sport of boxing involves many inherent health issues, some minor and some serious, it should not be disbanded as a sport altogether. It does far too much good away from the spotlight for it.

Jan 10,  · it should not only be a high school sport, it should be a college sport, and offer scholarships to amateur boxers, and then they go pro around junior or senior year if they choose, or finish college, just like baseball, football, or basketball. Is the topic that I found myself arguing over with a friend.

What sparked this was the opinion that professional boxing is not a sport, and due to its violent nature it should be banned. Boxing as a Sport Should Be Banned Essay Sample. Many sports in our modern world are so dangerous that most people do not even think about training them.

“Boxing is a special case: no other sport has the express goal of inflicting injury on the brain” Corsellis put it best: “My opinion is that the brain should not be the target in any sport, and no amount of juggling with the regulations can take away the risk.

Not uniquely deadly

Should boxing be banned? Boxing's latest horrific injury saw Paul Ingle collapse after losing his IBF featherweight title to South African Mbulelo Botile in Sheffield on Saturday. Ingle is still in a critical condition after surgeons operated to remove a blood clot from his brain.

Boxing as a sport should be
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