Archetype writing assignment crossword

Apply that to your editing. Examples Doc Hudson in Cars, Col. Remember your analysis of various papers. Someone who guides or sometimes just attempts to guide the Protagonist down the right path.

Someone who may be negatively emotional e. The person with whom the readers will identify most strongly. Have someone else read your paper and ask them, "What does this paper say about me?

Reveal a positive trait about you and gain admittance to the university College prompt: Eight important character archetypes that can power your story and help you create the most fulfilling plot and theme possible. Someone who is fundamentally emotional.

According to this model, every character has his opposite, which allows the author to draw important contrasts and plumb the depths of his theme. Your Protagonist is the most important person in your story.

Can you identify all of these character archetypes in your work-in-progress? In a well developed paragraph s respond - What symbolic meaning or archetypal power does the circle have in your life or in your belief system? College Admissions Officer Purpose: But, depending on which approach you take, they can also be either frustratingly vague or claustrophobically limiting.

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Someone who alternately supports the Protagonist and resists him, depending on which action is necessary to push the Protagonist forward in his personal growth.

Someone with whom the Protagonist falls in love—and who probably falls in love back. Reason Just as his title suggests, the Reason character is present in the story to provide a voice of logic. Come to class with questions on how to make it better. Just like the Antagonist is the opposite of the Protagonist, the Skeptic is the opposite of the Sidekick.

8 ½ Character Archetypes You Should Be Writing

The person who shares important similarities, whether or good bad, with your Protagonist, in order to highlight and advance areas of Protagonist growth. Someone who acts in emotional ways independent of the Protagonist. What happened in the world today? Someone who is fundamentally logical. The point of his existence, in whatever manifestation, is that he is:Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of archetype.

Students took Cornell Notes on the Epic Form and the Archetype of the Epic Hero. pg. in the literature book. Students receive the Hero Essay Writing Assignment via a Handout Vocab.

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This is a crossword puzzle using some of the key words a student would use when studying Archetypes in literature. This crossword puzzle has not yet been setup. Please check back again later. All images are copyrighted and may not be copied / modified in any way.

Character archetypes present important guidelines for creating a well-rounded cast that can provide optimum help for advancing your hero's journey.

Archetype writing assignment crossword
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