An analysis of the topic of the winning and the modern society lottery

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As the townspeople gather and wait for the ceremony to begin, some calmly piling stones together, they discuss everyday matters of work and family, behaving in ways that suggest the ordinariness of their lives and of the impending event. MacLane hires a black man to work in her flower garden and invites his son over to play with hers.

As they have demonstrated, they feel powerless to change—or even try to change—anything, although there is no one forcing them to keep things the same. Tradition is endemic to small towns, a way to link families and generations.

Other commentators, however, view "The Lottery" as a modern-day parable; they argue that the elements of the story often disparaged by its critics are actually consistent with the style and structure of New Testament parables and to stories from the Old Testament.

Her friends and family participate in the killing with as much enthusiasm as everyone else. To some degree the system is the protagonist; many of the events seem included merely to illustrate the interactions of the elements, and even the rules of the interactions. Delacroix, about the household chores that almost made her miss the lottery.

Bill Hutchinson draws the paper with the black mark on it, and people immediately begin speculating about which Hutchinson will actually "win" the drawing. Everyone is seems preoccupied with a funny-looking black box, and the lottery consists of little more than handmade slips of paper.

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According to Lenemaja Friedman, three "main characteristics dominated the letters: Major Themes The principal themes of "The Lottery" rely on the incongruous union of decency and evil in human nature.

Jackson, however, pokes holes in the reverence that people have for tradition.

Winning had always wished that she and her husband could have lived in, and her increasingly frequent visits to the cottage suggest that she is vicariously living out many of her own dreams of independence through Mrs.

Tessie selects the paper with the black mark on it, and she vigorously protests the unfairness of the drawing. These ordinary people, who have just come from work or from their homes and will soon return home for lunch, easily kill someone when they are told to.Donna Burrell has labeled Jackson’s method of analysis the “folklore of the modern suburb,” noting that Jackson is “concerned with representing particular societies or community systems, not simply a.

The short story, The Lottery, written by Shirley Jackson contains two key aspects that society is based upon: Tradition and rituals, and social class division. These aspects mold the townspeoples" views and beliefs towards continuing the lottery and upholding the tradition/5(4).

The elaborate ritual of the lottery is designed so that all villagers have the same chance of becoming the victim—even children are at risk. Each year, someone new is chosen and killed, and no family is safe.

SOURCE: "Shirley Jackson, 'The Lottery': Comment," in Modern Short Stories: A Critical Anthology, edited by Robert B.

The Lottery Jackson, Shirley - Essay

Heilman, Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich,pp. [ Heilman is an English professor and the author of several works on drama, comedy, and the humanities. The Lottery and Other Stories study guide contains a biography of author Shirley Jackson, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The Lottery Critical Essays

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An analysis of the topic of the winning and the modern society lottery
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