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The fire, the downturn of the wool industry after the Civil War, and the national economic depression of the early s resulted in long periods of unemployment. She is used by men and uses them in turn to become a successful Broadway actress while George Hurstwood, the married man who has run away with her, loses his grip on life and descends into beggary and suicide.

He made up for lost time with a burst of creative energy that resulted in the publication of fourteen books between and Consequently, his earliest memories included the joblessness of his father American novelist and journalist theodore dreiser older siblings, as well as the constant search for economic stability.

His father, a German immigrant, was a mostly unemployed millworker who subscribed to a stern and narrow Roman Catholicism. The inability to write was the result of an extended nervous breakdown, brought on, Dreiser later claimed, by the suppression of Sister Carrie. He married Sara White inbut his roving affections and resulting infidelities doomed their relationship.

With the encouragement of his friend, the critic H. Through these readings and his own experience, Dreiser came to believe that human beings are helpless in the grip of instincts and social forces beyond their control, and he judged human society as an unequal contest between the strong and the weak.

In fact, of his twenty-seven published books only eight are novels--and two of these, The Bulwark and The Stoicwere published posthumously. In he took his first trip to Europe as the guest of the British publisher Grant Richards and wrote about his adventures there in A Traveler at Forty He tried very hard to abort the verbal agreement, but Dreiser refused to take the book to another publisher.

The first two volumes of a projected trilogy of novels based on the life of the American transportation magnate Charles T. With her encouragement and that of his friend Arthur Henry, a novelist and former editor of the Toledo BladeDreiser began writing his historic first novel, Sister Carrie.

Despite such support, the threat of censorship haunted Dreiser for over two decades. Editors substantially cut both fiction and non-fiction before publication. Sara White Dreiser had died in He considered the book "immoral" because of its depiction of a "fallen" woman as a success story.

In all these forms he expressed for the first time his ideas about books, social problems, art, and philosophy. It seemed to spring from the fact that almost every young person was possessed of an ingrown ambition to be somebody financially and socially.

Dreiser was eclectic in his interests, and although generally progressive in his social thought, he was too eccentric and independent a thinker to fit into any one ideological mode. Since he was a Roman Catholic and her family was strongly anti-papist, religious tensions forced the couple to elope.

He based his novel on details and setting of the murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gillette in upstate New York, which attracted widespread attention from newspapers.

Inspirational Quotations by Theodore Dreiser (American Novelist, Journalist)

Once again he had become a full-time writer. Over the years Dreiser developed the incident into a legendary story of censorship and "puritanical" repression, and the book became a symbol of literary freedom for an entire generation.

It is worth noting that although he is remembered primarily for his novels, he wrote in many genres. It was received with considerable critical acclaim by the English reviewers. Censorship was not limited to publishers and editors. Dreiser found material for his later fiction in his observations as a big-city reporter in the s.

Sister Carrie was the first masterpiece of the American naturalistic movement in its grittily factual presentation of the vagaries of urban life and in its ingenuous heroine, who goes unpunished for her transgressions against conventional sexual morality.

He came to reconsider his opposition to communism and wrote the anticapitalist Tragic America The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice caused The "Genius"an autobiographical novel, to be removed from the bookshelves, precipitating a court battle that lasted for years before the book was finally reissued in It was rumored but later denied by Doubleday that Mrs.

His story "My Brother Paul" was a kind of biography of his older brother Paul Dresserwho became a famous songwriter in the s. Yerkes, The Financier and The Titanfollowed. Life Dreiser was the ninth of 10 surviving children in a family whose perennial poverty forced frequent moves between small Indiana towns and Chicago in search of a lower cost of living.

He incorporated his memories into some of his best fiction, notably Jennie Gerhardtin which he modeled the Gerhardt family on the Dreisers in Indiana. He continued to educate himself, as did another famous autodidact, Benjamin Franklin, by reading widely in fiction, science, natural history, and philosophy.

He became involved in a variety of causes and slackened his literary production.

Theodore Dreiser

It tells the story of a German American girl compelled by economic forces to support her family by entering the larger American world of her lover, Lester Kane, the son of a wealthy Irish immigrant.

Johann became a moderately successful wool dealer and prospered enough to be able to strike out on his own and become the proprietor of a wool mill in Sullivan, Indiana. He often blamed his father for their condition, particularly as Johann often reacted to adversity by turning to prayer and a belief that true happiness was to be found only with God in the afterlife.

The long novel gave Dreiser the prime form through which to explore in depth the possibilities of 20th-century American life, with its material profusion and spiritual doubt.About Theodore Dreiser: Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was an American novelist and journalist.

He pioneered the naturalist school and is known for portr /5(K). Sister Carrie [Theodore Dreiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser ( – ) was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school.

Biography of Theodore Dreiser

His novels often featured main characters who succeeded at their objectives despite a /5(). Theodore Dreiser ( - ) Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school.

His novels often featured main characters who succeeded at their objectives despite a lack of a firm moral code, and literary situations that more closely resemble studies of nature than tales of choice and agency. Theodore Dreiser. 9, likes.

Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school. His novels often featured. Theodore Dreiser: Theodore Dreiser, novelist who was the outstanding American practitioner of naturalism. He was the leading figure in a national literary movement that replaced the observance of Victorian notions of propriety with the unflinching presentation of.

As a journalist, Dreiser never came close to realizing his dream of having his own by-line, a column the public would read because his name appeared above it. a novelist and former editor of the Toledo Blade, Theodore Dreiser: An American Journey, New York: Putnam,

American novelist and journalist theodore dreiser
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