Acuscan critical case study

As with any company, the future of AcuScan depends on the success of new products introduced to new industries and overall customer service. Indicate whether they are emotional or logical in nature. The executive summary should give readers the essential contents of the master document s in approximately two pages.

Pat feels Kelly is being irrational and is assuming product development has ample of time and resources to complete the iScann project.

Still, it is unconfirmed evidence that Secur-A Corp. A further problem the company faced was poor and unprofessional communication between each other.

Describe at least one strength and one weakness for each alternative solution. Evaluate each argument listed above as sound or unsound and why. Whether it is the invention of a new machine, moderations to an existing one, or the discovery of a new application for an existing technology, the field is forever growing and expanding.

Putting co-workers on the defense breaks down communication as well as working relationships become strained. Pat Lambert, The marketing director is new to AcuScan. Evaluate Acuscan critical case study argument listed above as sound or unsound and why.

Acuscan, Inc. Case Study

Following financial review there is little evidence to demonstrate that bringing Optimize to market by year-end will substantially benefit AcuScan. In addition, the outside contractor is a quick fix for the conflict with Kelly.

Over the past few Acuscan critical case study, unprofessional accusations, innuendos, and communications have been exchanged between department supervisors in regards to Optimize. On the other hand Kelly makes sound, but emotional arguments Arguments from Pat are both unsound and emotional.

In consideration Pat was new to the organization and probably should have been directed by Cliff to work more closely with Kelly and Chris on this Optimize project. Which solution will you recommend to the CEO and why?

Chris thinks the August first deadline is aggressive but realistic. Kelly further makes assumptions about Pat including, Pat is not aware of the need for quality control, Pat is inexperienced with the iScanner product and lacks the required technological background, and Pat attempted to undercut Kelly by communicating directly to his staff.

More essays like this: State the relative strengths and weaknesses of each alternative solution. To bring a new product to market that is only insignificant and may not generate industry excitement as projected.

Fallacious Arguments Pat and Kelly are both resourceful and argumentative. Kelly also argues to maintain the reputation of the company and his team by only producing a quality product, which is essential to continuuing the market lead. The diminutive revenue recognized for being first company on the market is not worth the loss to competitors that produce a better product and follow behind AcuScan.

Chris further assumes that repacking of the current product is a major part of the problem solution, and Pat and Kelly can put aside differences coming together to meet the August deadline.

On the contrary, he assumes requests for voluntary layoffs and retirements will be accepted, so number of employees may drop with natural attrition. Quality should not be sacrificed to be first company to distribute the product on the market, otherwise the customers will turn elsewhere forcing them to purchase from competitors.

In order to recognize long-term revenues, provide a new industry standard, and maintain a reputation of integrity, AcuScan needs to extend its timeline for Optimize and contribute more resource. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

He is secure enough to know what it will take to get Optimize designed, developed, tested, and marketed, but has difficulty getting his message to the other staff members for the reason that Chris gets emotional and makes personal attacks.

In able to compete with other competitors, expenses must be reduced drastically and instantaneously. Arguments Existing arguments that are offered in this case can be acknowledged as emotional or logical as well as sound or unsound. Conclusions Describe all problems in this situation. Kelly also argues that the proposed changes are more complicated than simple modifications and will take time and testing to ensure quality.

Critical Thinking: Report to AcuScan CEO

A company needs departments to work together as a single team even though this means individuals have different backgrounds and skills this is what makes a company unique and succeed in the market with a common purpose. Get Access GEN One could come across that AcuScan as many issues and problems with communication and developing their ideas to each other.

He feels that the competitor, Secur-A Corp.The AcuScan, Inc. case study tests the studentsÐŽ¦ critical thinking skills and their ability to evaluate assumptions and soundness of arguments, recognize the difference between logical and emotional responses, identify fallacious analysis and problems, create alternative solutions to the identified problems and select the most optimal.

A case study for a manufacturing company called AcuScan, Inc was fulfilled. The case study involves "Operation Optimize" which plans to bring a new retail iScanner to the market. The study is given in two parts. The first part summarizes the case study 5/5(33).

Business, Case Study, solution - Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study. Free Essay: Critical Case Study Assignment Maurine Shaughnessy GEN/ Paul C. Moretti, M.B.A. September 12, I am the newly hired Vice President of. Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study GEN/ July 21, Professor Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study Part 1: Analysis 1.

GEN 480: Critical thinking case Essay Sample

Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study.a. Kelly- Through communication and emails Kelly. AcuScan was faced with many problems trying to produce and launch their new iScanner.

One main issue was the fact of AcuScan was planning to develop a new product when the company was already facing budgeting issues. We will write a custom essay sample on Critical Thinking Case Study specifically for you.

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Acuscan critical case study
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