Account of the afc championship denver broncos vs cleveland browns

Two-minute warning First down and 10, Cleveland yard line 1: Mark Jackson yard pass from Elway. The Broncos outplayed the Steelers to enter the Super Bowl after missing it for eight years. Broncos took on the New England Patriots in the game.

First down and 10, Cleveland yard line 1: The Broncos then took the lead on a long drive that ended with a yard touchdown pass from Elway to running back Sammy Windermaking it 38—31 with 6 minutes left.

Instead, he wanted to watch the play. They won the game Mark Jackson 5-yard pass from Elway for the touchdown. In his 14 NFL seasons, Byner rushed for 8, yards, caught passes for 4, yards, and scored 72 total touchdowns 56 rushing, 15 receiving, one fumble recovery.

Second down and 10, Cleveland yard line 1: The different year saw no difference for the fate of the Browns. Definitely the wildest finish ever for an AFC Championship game. Second down and 7, Denver yard line.

His article, "The Levels of Losing," appeared January 29, Broncos entered the venue continuing their campaign to defend their Super Bowl title.

AFC Championship Broncos

Broncos were again facing the New England Patriots for the title game. Denver recovered, gave the Browns an intentional safetyand went on to win 38— It was in when the side shined bright when it qualified the playoffs and entered the Super Bowl XII. Second down and 10, Cleveland yard line: Broncos clinched the game After a low-scoring first half, the Jets took a quick lead in second half.

Steve Watson yard pass from Elway. That game also ended in victory for the Broncos and featured a famous five-minute, yard touchdown drive led by quarterback John Elwayknown simply as The Driveto take the game into overtime.

John Elway 9-yard run scramble. Third down and 2, Denver yard line. Third down and 1, Cleveland 5-yard line: Third down and 18, Cleveland yard line 1: First down and 10, Denver yard line. He ended up going back to Cleveland for two more years, and finished his career inafter spending two years with the transplanted Baltimore Ravens.Broncos vs Cleveland Browns.

The AFC championship game was the third clash of Broncos with the Cleveland Browns. The different year saw no difference for the fate of the Browns. Jan 14,was the match day for AFC championship between the Broncos and Browns.

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Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns Results The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.

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The two teams have met each other 28 times (including 3 postseason games), with the Denver Broncos winning 23 games and the Cleveland Browns winning 5 games. Jun 18,  · AFC Championship Game-Broncos vs. Browns-"The Fumble" (2nd Half) that would once again pit the Denver Broncos against the Cleveland Browns.

Only this time in Denver's Mile High Stadium. Nov 18,  · Broncos Botch Kickoff “The Drive” Elway 5-yard Game-tying TD Pass to Mark Jackson Karlis yard Game-winning Field Goal Down in the AFC Championship game, the Broncos looked like they were going to have to wait until next year to go to the Super Bowl, but John Elway had other ideas.

The Broncos would leave the game having punched their ticket to the Super Bowl and having made one of the most memorable moments in NFL history with On January 11,the Denver Broncos visited the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship Game.

Watch video · Account Settings Log Out. Up next: Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos: Broncos 24, Browns AFC Championship Game: Jaguars 23, Patriots .

Account of the afc championship denver broncos vs cleveland browns
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