A prayer for my daughter by yeats

A Prayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats: Summary

Helen of Troy, being the most beautiful woman in the world, married Paris, a stupid man. It is a gift from heaven and no earthly temptations can subdue her. The stanza may be seen as a variation on ottava rimaan eight-lined stanza used in other Yeats poems, such as Among School Children and Sailing to Byzantium.

Besides, we find several examples of the felicity of word and phrase: Later though she married another political fanatic, John Macbride, she did not have a happy married life.

They are sought for. Besides, he may desire her negatively and steal her innocence.

A Prayer For My Daughter - Poem by William Butler Yeats

The poet imagines the future, in course of his excitement and fear; that the future years have come out of the sea and it is dancing to the crazy beat of the drums.

Onomatopoeia the use of words that sound like the thing that they are describing — howling, scream, spray, choke, scowl, howl b. He can now combine the appreciation of beauty with a sense of the tragic rather than a pathetic element of life.

The resulting arrogance may rob her of kindness. He feels a kind of gloom and worry about the future of his daughter. Courteous behaviour can win over hearts. Similarly, modern-day fathers can send quotes from this poem to their daughters as a piece of advice for special occasions: Love does not come freely and unconditionally.

The image of Helen evokes another figure Aphrodite, who rose out of the spray. As the radical innocence of the soul is the highest form of spiritual development, Yeasts asks his daughter to recover it. The poet wished that her daughter should not cultivate a frantic intellect; he thinks that her daughter can remain innocent if she is free from hatred and intellectual fanaticism.

Stanza 2 … I have walked and prayed for this young child an hour And heard the sea-wind scream upon the tower, And under the arches of the bridge, and scream In the elms above the flooded stream; Imagining in excited reverie That the future years had come, Dancing to a frenzied drum, Out of the murderous innocence of the sea.

Now the poet talks about what he is praying for his daughter. So the images follow one after another in succession.

A Prayer for My Daughter Themes

By the end, the poet wants his daughter to be courteous, as love cannot come unconditionally and freely. His father could not protect him from death. How but in custom and in ceremony Are innocence and beauty born? From both these stories the poet draws a realistic and at the same time entertaining moral: The post-war period was dangerous.

Why is the hill bare?

A Prayer for my Daughter by W. B. Yeats – Analysis

The poet wants her daughter to become free from hatred. A violent, dreadful storm is blazing outside. But, she remained aloof. How but in custom and in ceremony Are innocence and beauty born? Structural Analysis The poem is written in a lyric form containing ten stanzas with eight lines in each stanza.

He imagines how her future will be excitedly. The hay stack and the roof can barely stand the thrust of the raging winds. The Horn of Plenty was a horn given by Zeus to his caretaker. The poet uses many examples of the great mythological beauties like Helen, Aphrodite who represent his lover, Maud Gonne.

The poem ends with an imaginary climax. Georgie loved him and let him take the credit for her work. Originally published in Poetry, November She rejected his love and chose to dedicate herself to the cause of Irish Independence. Later, Yeats married Georgie Hyde-Lees. Or it may be a hill where his tombstone lies."A Prayer for My Daughter" is a poem written by William Butler Yeats in This poem is a prayer-like poem.

And it generally tells about the poet's ideas about his daughter who is sleeping at the same time while the poem is being told. Throughout the poem Yeats reflects how he wants his daughter. A Prayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats: Critical Appreciation A Prayer for My Daughter exposes the typical modernist sentiment of the poet.

A Prayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats: Critical Appreciation

A Prayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats opens with an image of the newborn child sleeping in a cradle. A storm is raging with great fury outside his residence. A great gloom is on Yeats’ mind and is consumed with anxiety as to how to protect his child from the tide of hard times ahead.

The poet keeps walking and praying for the young child. A word about Yeats and this poem ‘A Prayer for my daughter’. William Butler Yeats () was an illustrious Irish poet, writer and playwright. He was a staunch Irish nationalist who continued to.

A Prayer for my Daughter - Once more the storm is howling, and half hid. William Butler Yeats's poem A Prayer for My Daughter, with literary and structural analysis, and guidance for usage of quotes.

A prayer for my daughter by yeats
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